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The Comedy Attack! is a bi-weekly comedy show every even Sunday @ 9:00 at Groucho's Bar & Karaoke (935 Goss Ave, Germantown, Louisville, KY, USA) hosted by Jake Reber. But who IS Jake Reber? Jacob Thomas Emmanuel Reber is a 6 year Louisvillian musician-comedian-writer-Abraham Lincoln impersonator-cartoon historian-multihypenate. You may remember him for such activities as playing upright bass, abusing language, falling off his bike and always aggressively adventuring. To contact please send 3 proofs of purchase to jacobreber@gmail.com

Comic Script #1

The Adventures of Bubba in “Germantown: 911”
Script by Jake Reber

Frame 1: Jake is sitting with his co-worker Jon.  They are at break on lunch.  Both are neutral, but pleased to be in the silence of the break room eating.  Jon is a 40-something year old, road-worn former carpenter, stoner dad type.  In great shape.  Hair not quite Shaggy from 'Scooby-Doo' but I’m not saying it’s never been there.  
Frame 2:  head on shot of my co-worker (with his name tag visibly reading ‘Jon’) as he begins to speak.  His speech bubble breaks the 4th wall by stretching over to Frame 3, so as the rest of the comic is his story. 
JON: I live over in the Germantown neighborhood
CAP: Sunny Germantown, Louisville, KY, USA.
Maybe get some scenic shots of shotgun houses, Gnadinger Park, ect.  
Frame 3:  Shot of a row of shotgun houses.  Maybe along Ellison st.
CAP: I got these neighbors 
Frame 4: Close up on a Man with insane Einstein hair under a baseball cap.  Don’t let the reference to a historical genius fool you; this yokel is visibly dumb as fuck.  Wears a wife beater a size too large, even with his gut trying it’s damndest to fill it out.  Can’t stand straight because his legs are two different lengths.  Stereotypically bad teeth.  Holds a domestic beer in his right hand. 
CAP: It’s this guy.  I can’t remember his name, but he lives with these two women.
CAP: And he has three kids with each of them.  And other kids from who knows where coming in & out all the time.
Frame 5:  Closer shot on him with an impossibly dumb, “which way did he go, George” kind of look on his face.  Rotted teeth even more evident.
CAP: The women joked that they nickname d him:
CAP: “The Sperminator.”
Frame 1: Shot on a dopey-looking 4 or 5 year old boy with plenty of baby fat.  Shirtless with big nipples in a cute ‘Chowder’ sort of way.  Maybe holding a blanket like Linus from ‘Peanuts,’ even though he’s more Pigpen.  In the background the other children can be seen playing/misbehaving in the postage stamp Germantown yard.
CAP: One of the younger kids running around was called ‘Bubba.’
CAP: Bear in mind I can’t remember ever hearing these kid’s names pronounced.  Only shouted.
Frame 2: a collection of spikey action word bubbles to visually demonstrate the shouting names.  The names are all the most typically redneck names: DESTINY! CHASTITY! RONNIE! BUBBA! DEBBY!  KENNY! BOB JR.!! BRITTNY!  BRANDY!

 Frame 3: is the before shot, with the action happening in Frame 4.  Have the kids playing innocently with Bubba about to be on the receiving end of some toy about to hit him.
CAP: All the other kids would brag
Frame 4: The after shot of the action, but Bubba hardly effected
CAP: “Bubba don’t feel pain!”


Frame 1: Shot of Bubba and 2 slightly older siblings in attic loft of the house around a puny fire.  Maybe coming out of a can of mountain dew or something equally pathetic
CAP: One day late last Autumn Bubba and a couple of the other kids were playing in the attic
CAP: Who knows if for warmth or fun they decided to build a fire
Frame 2: The fire is now significantly larger than before even though the children aren’t too far off from the previous panel’s poses. 
CAP: The fire started to get out of control.
CAP: The other kids started to panic
Frame 3: Action shot of Bubba dashing forth heroically with a two-piece vacuum.  The hose swings between his two hands.
CAP: Bubba quickly went for the vacuum cleaner
Frame 4: (*See Keyframe*) The vacuum next to the flame which is starting to dance into the suction of the hose.
CAP: I guess he thought he’d fix it by sucking the fire up with the vacuum 
Frame 5: (*See Keyframe*) Identical shot of the vacuum, flame longer in front of the hose, but much larger flames are now shooting out both exhaust ends of the cleaner
CAP: The fire ignited all the lint inside the vacuum

                                                                    PAGE 4
            Frame 1: The shotgun house is now horribly engulfed in flame
CAP: The vacuum became like a flame-thrower and caught the whole loft aflame 
            Frame 2: Close up of a visibly wet door.  However you draw that. 
CAP: Everyone in Germantown uses their back door.  So I didn’t see that their place was burned at first.  I noticed first that my door was all swollen shut from the fire department hosing it down to keep the fire from spreading.  
Frame 3: This is the Penultimate frame so Jon’s story is now drawing to a close.  Which means that the it has to have the tail of a speech bubble breaking the wall of the frame leading to the final Frame 4 (which is Jon’s face)
The charred innards of the shotgun house filled with burned garbage, smoke damage and empty animal cages
CAP: I went in there once just to check it out.  It stunk to high-hell of dirty rabbit cages and shit, not to mention the smoke stench.

            Frame 4: The final frame is another shot of Jon’s face speaking
CAP: They moved out after that.  Heard they moved around the corner to Mary Street in with some friends and began selling weed.


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